FIDA's membership philosophy of lifting creativity as we grow is part of our plan to help bring fashion illustrators to the forefront of the commercial fashion arts industry.

These memberships are suitable for creatives working as fashion artists and illustrators, or those who want to learn about fashion illustration and create a strong portfolio, or even those simply with a love of drawing and creating images for fashion. 

Whether you want to learn about fashion illustration, gain experience of working on an industry brief, build your portfolio or promote your work, there is something for everyone.

All members get a 20% discount code off all products and membership renewals. 

Not sure which Membership is right for you?

See the options available below:

Exclusive Membership - perfect for a creative wanting to get involved in all areas of the Fida community, with access to Fida talks, private Fida online group with other artists, member moments and Fida members’ discount on all products. Additionally, you will also have access to the industry projects, where you will gain experience working with a brief. This is ideal if you want to create an industry-ready portfolio, enhancing your commercial knowledge and design skills. SPECIAL OFFER: FREE 2-HOUR WORKSHOP INCLUDED

Portfolio Membership - the right choice if you don't have time to get involved with projects and are just looking to build your online presence with a portfolio.

Starter Membership  - this is perfect for those wanting to learn more about fashion illustration and gain knowledge of the industry, through the online private community group, projects and talks. 

Student Membership - for students wanting to learn more about fashion illustration and to become portfolio ready through participation in industry projects. 

Education Membership - this is perfect for those wanting to learn more about fashion illustration and gain knowledge of the industry through lessons, projects and talks. Includes a Commercial Fashion Illustration Course.

No matter where you are in your creative journey, there is a package to help you on your pathway. Sign up today!

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