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Reels and Shorts Illustration Film and Animation Award

Reels and Shorts Illustration Film and Animation Award

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Fida 9th Awards 


The Reels and Shorts Illustration Film and Animation Award is for all levels of fashion illustrators, artists and students using all modes of image making.

This prestigious award recognizes excellence in the fields of illustration, film, animation, and visual communication. Through its focus on personal branding and strong presence on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, this award celebrates the most dynamic and impactful works in the industry. Apply now to showcase your skills and gain recognition in the highly competitive world of creative media. Join other talented creatives and get noticed by the top players in the industry. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your skills and stand out from the crowd.

This award will be judged on the following:

Originality, style, mood, composition and design. The work can be commissioned, published, unpublished or a personal project. 

Brief: To showcase your personal practice of Reels, Stop frame animation, fashion films, personal archiving, time lapses, gifs or digital illustrations on procreate or Adobe. Artists and illustrators have always complimented their practice with sketchbooks and now digital sketchbook drawings. 

Last day to enter and submit your work into the awards for judging: Friday 5th May 2024 SUBMIT BY 11:59 PM EST

This award will be judged on the following:

Originality, style, mood, composition and design. The work can be commissioned, published, unpublished or a personal project. 

After payment, you will receive an email with details of the requirements and instructions for entering your images. Please provide us with a valid email address when purchasing.

Winners will receive over £27,000 worth of prizes:

There are 9 award categories this year, seeking excellence in each field.

The 9 award winners, will receive over £27,000 worth of prizes.

The 9 category award winners will each receive prizes worth over £2,300:

  • 1 year of Exclusive Fida Membership (worth 495)
  • A feature in The Fible (worth £1250)
  • Selected images in the 9th Awards Virtual Exhibition (worth £400)
  • Selected images in the 9th Awards Virtual Exhibition E-book (worth £240)

One artist will go ahead to be named the Overall Winner and will receive the following additional prizes, worth over £5500:

  • Fida Gallery Virtual Solo Show (worth £3500)
  • Double Page Spread in the Fible & feature on The (worth £2200)

You can use any of the following mixed media techniques and materials: pencil drawing, colour pencil, pen & ink, markers, rubbing, painting (watercolour/acrylic/oil etc), canvas, paper, printmaking, screen printing, litho, etching, photo collage, spray, relief, computer/tablet/laptop, photocopier, scanner, and more.

Fida 9th Award Judges:

  • Anna Halarewicz - Fashion Illustrator
  • Astridvosx - Fashion Illustrator
  • Diana Kuksa - Fashion Illustrator
  • Elly Azizian - Fashion Illustrator
  • Francisco J Cortes - Fashion Illustrator
  • Frédéric Forest- Fashion Illustrator
  • Graeme Fidler - Creative Director, Bally
  • Jessica Durant - Fashion Illustrator
  • Manuel Santelices- Fashion Illustrator
  • Marianna Gefen- Fashion Illustrator 


The application and notification process for the awards are as follows:

      • Once you have purchased an entry into the awards, you will be emailed with instructions explaining how to format and send images.
      • Your images must be submitted by Friday 5th May 2024, no later than 11:59 PM EST.
      • Once Fida receives your images, you will be emailed within 24 hours, to confirm receipt.
      • In order that all artists can be notified at the same time, both the Long List and Short List will be announced on the Fida website: Long List announcement: Friday 17th May 2024. Short List announcement: Friday 24th May 2024.
      • The Long List and Short List will also, at a later date, be announced on Fida worldwide’s Instagram account.
      • The Commendations and Award Winners will be announced during a virtual event on Friday 31st May 2024. Please follow us on Instagram to receive updates (@fidaworldwide). 
      • Winners and Commendations will also be added to the website, in due course, after the live announcement.
      • You will NOT be emailed individually with results. If your name is not shown on the website, unfortunately, it means that you have NOT been selected on this occasion.
      • Due to the number of entries we receive, and the fact that we secure industry professionals to judge our awards, it is not possible to give individual feedback to each applicant.

Important notes:

Award entries are non-refundable. If work is not submitted, or submitted after the deadline, it will not be put in for consideration, or refunded. 


Last day to submit work - Friday 5th May 2024 SUBMIT BY 11:59 PM EST 

Fida Awards Long List Announced - Friday 17th May 2024

Fida Awards Short List Announced - Friday 24th May 2024

Fida Award Winners and Commendations Announced - Friday 31st May 2024

Long List, Short List, Commendations and Fida Award Winners will all be announced on


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