Javier Mariscal

“I love walking along the coast, I love moving through this borderland in which the land and the water respect each other. In a real map, the coastline should move.” Javier Mariscal

 Javier Mariscal, who was born in Valencia in 1950, has developed his professional career in Barcelona. The Mediterranean culture of both cities is revealed in his work: he has inherited the hedonism, optimism and symbolism that characterise his designs from it, as well as the vibrant range of colours and his poetic approach. Before dealing with projects from a multidisciplinary point of view became a recognised value, his professional activity was already highlighted by moving from one discipline to another without complexes, thanks to his untiring curiosity and his passion to innovate to contribute to make everyday life more interesting, easier and friendlier.

The creation of Estudio Mariscal in 1989, made up of a team of specialists who closely collaborate with him, allows him to deal with integral projects. Mariscal has international projection and great media repercussion due to the fact that he knows how to communicate directly with the general public, as does his work. His great speciality is drawing, therefore his attitude when faced with any commission is an artistic one, using a universal, timeless language which adds value, uniqueness and emotion to his projects. His boldness parallels the great challenges he has taken on, from the mascot for the Barcelona Olympic Games to the overall design of an extremely luxurious hotel or the creation and direction of the film Chico & Rita.

After 30 years of positive experiences, we can affirm that our clients can trust us; our curriculum is our greatest guarantee. We deal with commissions involving large dimensions and great complexity, integral projects which bring together all the disciplines of design and, also, more specialised commissions, and to do so we have an excellent team of specialists.

We create friendly creatures with whom it is easy to live, images that delight one's eyes, products to be used and enjoyed, and physical and digital spaces in which artistic intervention and design provide feedback. Our work communicates talent, excitement and optimism. Our stance is for a free, critical, creative attitude to contribute towards improving the present and to guiding the future with imagination and sensitivity. 

Steven Heller
New York Times critic
New York

“What Mariscal provides is more than a liberation, it is a form of emancipation from those academic conventionalisms which frequently divest everything that is artistic of life”.

Deyan Sudjic
Director of the Design Museum

“The creation of an identity through a personal, distinctive style is a quality that will invest him with a perpetual power of attraction among the future generations of critics”.

Chantal Hamaide
Director of Intramuros magazine

“His universe, which is both personal and popular, has a timeless energy, it is universal”.

Juli Capella
Architect and design theorist

“An animal who creates his work in a visceral way, spontaneous yet premeditated, automatic yet customised”.

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