Nadia Coolrista

Nadia Coolrista is an award-winning fashion artist. She specializes in drawing fashion illustrations, conveying fashion designs through expressive drawing with an artistic approach. Nadia is adept at a range of different illustration techniques which presents a variety of uses such as campaign work, live events, print media, and advertisement.

Her new passion for quick line sketching and love for fashion has driven her to work with fashion brands at in-person events. Nadia’s ability to create quick and intricate illustrations capturing the character of a model is one of her strongest artistic skills.


- Winner of the Fashion Show Award - The 4th Fida Awards 2021
- Winner of the Fashion Faces Award - Fida fashion illustration Drawing Awards2020
- Winner of the Celine Dion: Draw an Icon Fashion Illustration Fida Awards 2020

Nadia is a Faber-Castell USA brand ambassador.

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