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Fida© is the first global online platform to promote fashion illustration and drawing around the world, supported and partnered by some of the best brands and people in the fashion industry.

Fida x RODO partnership


Join the panel of illustrators and creative directors for an interactive deep dive into fashion illustration now. From this year’s London Fashion Week runway highlights to influential independent publishing and street style, you’ll hear how drawing is making an impact on the industry.

In one evening, you’ll hear from award-winning illustrators Bil Donovan, Montana Forbes, Joanna Layla, Connie Lim and Stina Persson. They will give you a 360-degree-view of the uses of fashion illustration today, from live drawing at events to innovative work in digital spaces. In two back-to-back panel discussions, they will share valuable insight on how to make a career in fashion illustration and ask where the practice is going.

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  • Fida Member Manon Cardin x Hermes


    Fida member Manon Cardin x Hermes

  • Fida Member Anja Karboul x Prada


    Anja Karboul x Prada

  • Anja Karboul x Tiffany

    Tiffany & Co.

    Anja Karboul x Tiffany & Co.

  • Hermes

    Fida Member Anna Halarewicz x Hermes

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Collect your favourite fashion moments with digital artworks and NFT's. The biggest rising investment in the digital and art world.

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FIDA Awards and Books

FIDARTS 2nd Virtual Exhibition 1st June - 1st July 2022

FIDARTS 2nd Virtual Exhibition 1st June - 1st July 2022

Online Global Immersive Fashion Drawing Art Fair  Fidarts is developing a series of... 

  • Lacoste x FIDA

    A live event at Lacoste flagship store Knightsbridge with artist Flaminia Rossi.

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    A series of digital artworks to purchase for licensing in advertising, editorial and branding.

  • Fida Members Club Artists

    Fida members club is a collection of artists, illustrators, designers in the industry.

  • Fida Talks

    A series of talks throughout the year, free for members. Featuring industry leaders and new talent.


  • Fidarts E- Book

    A digital book featuring award winning artists and virtual exhibiting creatives

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