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‘Illustration is stronger than ever’: Fida 2023 winners named

Celebrating all the artists on being selected as the Best in Industry Fida Awards.
The eight winners of this year’s Fashion Illustration and Design Awards (Fida) have been announced, each selected for their high standard of artistic ability and diverse range of technical skills.
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    Exhibit your art at FIDA LIVE 2024 amongst award winner fashion artists and illustrators.

    Settle in to the weekend with a bit of culture; visit our fashion art fair, hear from the creatives pushing the boundaries with fashion, art and innovation, all in the cool surroundings of the Big Sky Studios, accompanied by some upbeat weekend vibes from Fida’s resident DJ. 

    Big Sky Studios’ catering is carefully created by our team of seasoned chefs to serve our 15 photographic studios and event spaces, as well as on location. 
    For over a decade, our renowned catering has been consistently celebrated and kept people coming back for more... keeping fashion crews, photographers and talent happy on set all year-round. 

    Meet and Greet the exhibiting artists, performers and Fida award winning artists. 
    A fun evening of live performances, supporting rising stars and clubbing legends. An eclectic mix of musical talents, from BBC Introducing's One to Watch, Rube, to an appearance from Magic Fingers on the drums, all accompanied by some anthems from Fida's very own resident DJ. Take in some art, have a drink, catch up with friends and unwind. 
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Fida Live 2024 Weekender is a series of 4 events over 3 days, celebrating fashion arts, through an exhibition, where brands, innovators and creatives will come together to share their vision with fashion and art lovers in London.


Fida Live 2024 Weekender is a series of 4 events over 3 days, celebrating fashion arts, through an exhibition, where brands, innovators and creatives will come together to share their vision with fashion art lovers in London.

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Industry Feedback & Testimonials

Alberta Ferretti - CEO

We can truly state that fashion illustrations are a form of art. I am always excited to see how my creations will be interpreted by the creative and unprejudiced hand of an increasingly growing number of young illustrators.  

Collaborating with Fida for my Fall Winter fashion show was very exciting. At a time when we were forced to unveil our collections behind closed doors and deprived of the human warmth that makes our work special, interacting with these artists meant that a precious moment was created, even if at a distance.

Alberta Ferretti 

Jeffrey Banks CFDA Board Director

I am so happy to have been asked to participate in this year's FIDA competition. I have always believed in the art form known as illustration. Despite the fact that the world is so engaged in technology, for my money, nothing beats the artistry, elegance, and beauty of illustration. In recent years, because of the ongoing emphasis on technology, illustration may have been overshadowed, but thanks to the ongoing efforts of  FIDA and it's support of the art of illustration and  young illustrators worldwide, I believe we are on the precipice of a new and exciting renaissance in interest in  illustration

Melanie Walker - Member

"Joining FIDA was such a breath of fresh air for me, getting to talk to creative like minded people who are so passionate about drawing - and specifically fashion drawing. The FIDA talks are so informative delving deep into processes, materials, medium used and subject matter - with the FIDA team working tirelessly to connect with the best in the industry.It is an incredible platform not only to present your work but to connect with peers and industry professionals. Thank you team FIDA." Victoria Beckham Fashion Design

Howard Tangye

It’s a very important for developing one’s own creativity and ideal for communicating those ideas to others. Technicians, manufacturers, buyers etc.

Viktoria Maliar

“Fashion illustration today is all about capturing the spirit of style with a playful
mix of traditional and digital flair. Artists are embracing the beauty of diversity, using their
creative brushstrokes to celebrate different body shapes, cultural influences, and fashion vibes.
Thanks to social media, these illustrations are like a global runway, showcasing the endless
ways people express themselves through clothing. It's a colorful, inclusive, and downright fun
celebration of fashion in all its forms! How great that the Fida Award is showcasing new talents
and encouraging them in their work and creativity.”

'Discover the fashion illustration book on creative directors' desks - Jackie Mallon - Fashion Editor

The Fible, or fashion illustration bible, now in its third issue has just been released by Fida, the Fashion Illustration and Design Awards, an industry-focused fashion arts organization founded in 2019. The aim of the book is to assemble the best of contemporary fashion illustration in one coffee table
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  • Sara Sozzani Maino

    Creative Director Fondazione Sozzani * Int Brand Ambassador CNMI * Goodwill Ambassador Fashion for Development *Creative Advisor Conde Nast Italia*
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  • Nick Knight OBE

    Nick Knight is among the world's most influential and visionary image makers and the founder and director of award-winning fashion film website
    View Now 
  • Rebecca Mason

    SVP of Brand Image at Tom Ford

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  • Jackie Mallon

    Fashion writer and illustrator - Clients include Prada + Stella McCartney + Nordstrom

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Books and publishing

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  • Fida x Ungaro Education project

    Fida x Ungaro have partnered together and designed a project for members celebrating the life and works of Ungaro.

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  • FIDA in Paris

    Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary “Battle of Versailles” fashion show with the Fida in Paris Poster Exhibition 2023. 

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  • Fida mentor portfolio sessions

    A series of portfolio classes reviewing your work, receiving advice from the FIDA team

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  • Textural Impressions

    Australia's leading fashion illustrator Sarah Darby, showcases a selection of fashion paintings and illustrations created during fashion week. Launches 01.06.2023

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  • Out Now The Fible Triptych

    Fida’s third annual, with a foreword from the accomplished fashion designer and lover of fashion illustration, Jeffrey Banks CFDA Award Winner, documents another year in the wonderful world of Fida. 

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  • Fida is launching it's Fourth PRINTED version of 'The Fible' - 4. 

    Aiming to celebrate the 'BEST' in fashion illustration today and looking to promote and share your skills and abilities to the fashion industry. 

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