Difa Award winners 2021

Congratulations to the winners of the Digital Innovation Fashion Awards 2021.

A quote from digital artist and judge Frank Nitty:

"First off I just want to express some appreciation for all the hard work and the guts for entering a competition. The first step to working as a professional artist is to overcome fear. Confidence is a big thing. Generally looking at the images I notice a kind of “otherworldliness” to all the works. Maybe we are currently in a collective mood of looking for inspiration that lives more inside our own little bubble of thoughts?As opposed to looking at the outside world? Portraits are also a big theme here. All the works seem very personal and introvert. Is this a sign of the times? Apart from that I find the diversity very striking, Asian, Caucasian and African models. Love it."

Special work which stood out. Jamie Elders work for Gucci at church capturing the essence and vibe of the brand and voices of today.'

The winners for each category:

The Digital Portrait Award

Marina Cutrale

The Digital Fashion Illustration Award

Emily Switzer

The Wired Digital Innovation Award

Clement Balavoine

The overall winner of the DIFA AWARDS 2021: 

Marina Cutrale




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