Stéphane Manel

Stéphane Manel, born in 1971, is an illustrator who works for the publishing, fashion, music, press and cinema industry. In particular, he has created the album jacket of Serge Gainsbourg’s Poinçonneur des Lilas and some others for Sebastien Tellier and Vincent Delerm. He has also created the following film posters: Belle Epine by Rebecca Zlotowski, A Love of Youth by Mia Hansen-Lôve or The Queen of Apples by Valerie Donzelli and, more recently, Doubles Vies by Olivier Assayas. Stéphane Manel regularly collaborates with the press (The New Yorker, Vogue, Elle, The Inrockuptibles, Liberation, So Film ...) and the publishing world. His work was exhibited in Paris in 2014 at “Colette” and “Galerie Cinema” and in Tokyo, New York, Miami, San Francisco, London and Amsterdam. He is currently working on his first book which will be followed by an exhibition in the Fall of 2019

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