The Digital Innovation Fashion Awards

Image by Frank Nitty 

Fida is happy to present the new Digital Innovation Fashion Awards with Condé Nast and Wired Magazine

Digital Innovation in Fashion is a major discussion, opening up new opportunities for disruption and creativity in the industry. The way fashion thinks and operates in the future, will be affected and influenced by innovation and technology. 

The fashion industry is in a transitional moment of change and new spaces of entrepreneurial minds. 


Judging Team:


Patrick Morgan 

Jonathan Yeo - VR Artists and technologist

Andrew Diprose - Global Director Conde Nast Wired Magazine

Jon Pearson - Director Deutsche Bank Labs Global 

Patrick Tresset - Digital artists and Scientist

Andrew Ku - Ada CEO 

Lisa Mann - MA Condé Nast Course Director

Frank Nitty - Fashion Motion Artist

Yilmaz Sen - Creative Directo

Fida has partnered with Difa, the digital innovation fashion awards 2020.

We have 10 categories to apply for:

Wired - Digital Fashion Innovation Award - Apply Now

Digital Fashion Portrait - Apply Now 

Innovation in Retail/ Store design - Apply Now 

Innovation in Technology for Good

Innovation in Online and Offline Fashion Experiences

Digital Fashion Illustration - Apply now

Most advanced Technology changing the Fashion Industry

Innovation in Sustainable fashion

Digital image making in film, animation and photography

Most Innovative Fashion Technology company

Most Innovative Fashion exhibition and institution

Most innovative Fashion design collection - Apply Now

Conde Nast College Fashion Innovation award 

Overall DIFA Winner will receive £1000

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