Betty Morgan - KPB Foundation

Kenneth Paul Block's legacy extends far beyond his art and life, influencing the worlds of both fashion and illustration to such a degree that they are inseparable. The Kenneth Paul Block Foundation is devoted to collecting, preserving, exhibiting, and interpreting the wealth of Kenneth Paul Block's art in order to highlight his contributions to the art form. The Foundation maintain the existing collection of Block's vast body of work and actively seeks opportunities to present elements of the collection to the public. Some of our projects include collaborating on exhibitions and publications, hosting lectures and events, and disseminating Block's work to museums, libraries, and universities.

The Kenneth Paul Block Foundation welcomes inquiries from visitors, researchers, artists, students, and professionals interested in fashion and fashion illustration.

The Kenneth Paul Block Foundation Collection is comprised of pieces from all periods of Block’s life and is unsurpassed in scope, depth, and significance. The collection includes sketches from runway shows, illustrations created for WWD and other newspapers, portraiture, and marketing pieces for the newest designer collections. A large number of these works and objects are on display in rotating exhibits at the Foundation, while others may be on long-term loan to institutions, or in traveling exhibitions.

The Foundation is cataloging works made by Block over his five-decade career, documenting the images, dates, sizes, media and publication history in as much detail as is presently known. Research on subjects, designers, publications and exhibition histories are on-going and updates to these records continue daily with research and correspondence on-going with museums, collectors, dealers, former colleagues, auction houses, and scholars world-wide.

Owners of works attributed to Kenneth Paul Block are encouraged to register their works in the collection and to update the Foundation about any changes to their collections.

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