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Fida© is the first global online platform to promote fashion illustration and drawing around the world, supported and partnered by some of the best brands and people in the fashion industry. 

Fida was launched to support and educate artists and creatives, to embrace fashion and drawing into their practice, commercially and artistically. 

The journey began with the Fashion Illustration Drawing Awards, celebrating existing and rising stars, judged by industry-leading creatives, including Cecilia Carlstedt, Laura Laine, Gill Button, Ignasi Monreal (Gucci artist), David Downton, Richard Haines and Bil Donovon, to name a few.

The bi-annual FIDA awards, align with fashion show schedules around the globe, to keep in the eye line of press and industry.

Fida creates immersive and experiential experiences, from exhibitions in New York to virtual reality experiences at the V&A. Fida also has links to higher education institutes, such as Conde Nast College of Fashion, FIT, Istituto and Marangoni, where knowledge is shared and Fida now run their own educational programme. Fida has been named Official Fashion Art Partner with London Fashion Week, Fashion Scout, and has partnered with some of the best brands and creatives:

Alberta Ferretti 
Casa Del Manzoni
Celine Dion
Dundas World
Fashion Institute of Technology NYC
Fashion Scout
Istituto Marangoni 
The National Arts Club New York


Fida was founded by Patrick Morgan, who gained his Masters in Art and Communication at the prestigious, Royal College of Art. His career has involved designing for the likes of Tom Ford and Christian Dior, as well as creating artworks for Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Fendi and many more luxury brands. 

Patrick has worked as a visiting lecturer for over a decade at the renowned Istituto Marangoni, Milan, London and Paris. Passing on knowledge to new talent, mentoring and teaching students how to navigate the commercial world of fashion. 

Feedback about Fida:
"Collaborating with Fida for my Fall Winter 2021 fashion show was very exciting. At a time when we were forced to unveil our collections behind closed doors and deprived of the human warmth that makes our work special, interacting with these artists meant that a precious moment was created, even if at a distance."  
Alberta Ferretti CEO
"I am so happy to have been asked to participate in this year's FIDA competition. I have always believed in the art form known as illustration. Despite the fact that the world is so engaged in technology, for my money, nothing beats the artistry, elegance, and beauty of illustration. In recent years, because of the ongoing emphasis on technology, illustration may have been overshadowed, but thanks to the ongoing efforts of  FIDA and it's support of the art of illustration and  young illustrators worldwide,"
Jeffrey Banks CFDA Award Winner
"The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, guided by Elsa’s spirit, is proud to support the With Love Halston Foundation's commitment in providing fashion students with the encouragement they need to create and thrive. Just like Halston did back then, transferring his enthusiasm and discipline to Elsa at the beginning of her career as a jewellery designer.  Congratulations to the talented students, graduates, amateurs and professionals, members of FIDA, for paying homage to Elsa, through their works of art, each embodying in a very personal and unique way her trailblazing vision." 
Nando & Elsa Peretti Foundation 
"A Fida membership offers you lots of opportunities to be seen by the industry."
Ragna Von Negelein - Fashion Illustrator
"Fida just hosted my first ever proper solo exhibition! It’s been incredible. I have had such great feedback from people as the exhibition looked so professional and I really think it has helped to reposition me. 
Patrick and Diane did a lot of the work that if left to me, would have resulted in a weaker outcome. They helped me craft an artist statement, helped select the works and fine tuned the artworks so that they worked seamlessly in the space and worked well at large scale. 
I sold 5 paintings and 3 prints and received 2 commissions as a result of the exhibition. But for me, most importantly, it gave me a reason to reach out to my contacts, interior designers and interior stores and present my work. 
I’d really recommend working with Patrick and Diane/FIDA on an exhibition for your work. It’s been an incredible experience and one that I hope to repeat!" Sarah Darby - Fashion Illustration
Fashion United x Milan Fashion Week
Conde Nast x Fida 
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