Fida Worldwide Terms and Conditions:

Fida Worldwide and Fidarts T & Cs

Fashion Illustration Drawing Awards

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before submitting work into the Fida Awards. If, after reading, you have any queries, please contact us at

1. a).The Fida Awards is a worldwide award, welcoming applications from anyone aged 18 years, or over, in any of the following categories:

  • professional illustrator
  • student
  • graduate
  • amateur illustrator
  • hobbyist

1. b). The competition is open to members and non-members.

2. a). All illustrators can submit multiple entries, which must be purchased via the Fida Worldwide website

2. b). Award entries are non-refundable. If work is not submitted, or submitted after the deadline, it will not be put in for consideration, or refunded. 

3. The work submitted by the applicant must be their own, or they must have the artist's consent to enter it.

4.a). The work can be created using the following techniques:

  • hand made
  • digital 
  • mixed media
  • VR or AR
  • collage
  • sculptural
  • immersive 

4.b). Please see individual award categories for specific information regarding the appropriate mediums for entry into each award.

5. Due to this being an online awards your original artworks must be photographed and the image(s) will need to be emailed to enter. Digitally created work will also need to be sent via email.

6. By submitting your application, you give Fida permission to display your entered image for promotional purposes, on both the website and all social media channels. 

7. By submitting your application, you give Fida permission to promote your entered image in an e-book, a catalogue or in the Fible.

8. Longlisted artists, shortlisted artists and winners will be announced and displayed on the Awards website ( Winners will be included in a Fida press release.

9. Any artwork used at the Fida awards ceremony (if it is not a virtual event), will only be done so with the artist’s consent. 

10. All entries will be moderated. If there is a query, a member of the team will contact the entrant via email to request further information.  

11. The judges' decisions are final. 

12. Any third party submitting an entry (i.e. agent) is responsible for contacting the copyright holder to ensure their consent to these terms.

The application and notification process for the awards are as follows:

    • Once you have purchased an entry into the awards, you will be sent instructions explaining how to format and send image(s).
    • Once Fida receives your images, you will be emailed, to confirm receipt of the image(s).
    • In order that all artists can be notified at the same time, both the Longlist and Shortlist will initially be announced on the Fida website: Dates and times will be provided on the website and instagram, once agreed.
    • The Longlist and Shortlist will also, at a later date, be announced on Fida worldwide’s Instagram account.
    • The finalists and winners will be announced during a virtual event on @fidaworldwide Instagram Live. Dates and times of the live announcement will be provided on the website and on Instagram, once agreed, so please make sure you follow us on Instagram to receive this information (@fidaworldwide). 
    • Winners and finalists will also be added to the website, in due course, after the Live Instagram announcement.
    • You will NOT be emailed individually with results. If your name is not shown on the website, you have NOT been selected.
    • Due to the number of entries we receive, and the fact that we secure industry professionals to judge our awards, it is not possible to give individual feedback to each applicant.


Annual payment

Yearly memberships run for one year from the date of purchase, after which you will no longer receive your membership benefits, unless you renew.

Payment Plans

Payment plan memberships run for one year from the date of the first payment. If you do not fulfill all your payments, your membership will be cancelled and you will no longer receive your membership benefits, unless you renew.

If you pay in installments there may be small changes to the amount you pay, if paying in a currency other than GBP, due to currency fluctuations.

With the 3 payment plan, instalments are paid on month 1, 2 and 3 of your 12 month membership.

Subscription Membership

If membership subscriptions are not paid, or cancelled, the membership will no longer be valid and you will no longer receive your membership benefits.

Artwork submitted to industry projects and competitions may be used for promotional purposes, shared on all Fida Worldwide platforms and social media, or be promoted in the Fible or e-magazines.

Refunds and cancellations

All memberships/Courses are non-refundable 14 days after purchase.

Award entries are non-refundable. If work is not submitted, or submitted after the deadline, it will not be put in for consideration, or refunded. 

E-book and online magazine purchases will be sent as a download to the email provided on your order. Once downloaded they are non-refundable. 


Shipping costs will be calculated at the checkout.

Fida Worldwide uses various carriers, including Royal Mail, DPD, and UPS. Please supply an email and mobile number at check out, for tracking purposes.

Items being shipped outside of the U.K. may be subject to local import customs and duties, ad may experience delays. 

Local customs fees and charges are not included in the shipping costs paid to Fida Worldwide.

All items are sent DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) and it is the customer's responsibility to pay any fees due. Each country has its own system for import duty, so please check your local customs information beforehand to calculate any fees due.

All local rules and fees are beyond our control and cannot be used as a reason to refuse or return a package. If a parcel is not collected or is rejected due to these fees, the package will be destroyed at the location, and a refund will not be possible.

Other Information

Fida and Fidarts are both trading names of Morgan Creative Limited. Company Number: 06245342

The following websites are owned by Morgan Creative Ltd: