Fida Worldwide Fashion Illustration Awards 2020 Terms and Conditions:

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before submitting work to the competition. If you have any queries, contact us at

1- The Fida Awards 2020 Spring/Summer is a worldwide award which welcomes applications from professional illustrators, graduates, hobbyists and the like.

2 - The work submitted by the applicant must be their own, or they must have consent from the artist.

3 - The competition is an online awards, which will only accept work photographed or digitally created.

4 - By submitting your application, you give Fida permission to display your work on both the website and all social media channels, if you are shortlisted or selected as a winner. Shortlisted entries and winners will be displayed on the Awards website and included in a Fida press release.

5 - Any artwork used at the Fida awards ceremony, will only be done so with the artist’s consent. 

6 - All illustrators can submit multiple entries.

7 - The Faces Illustration Award. 

  1. i) This award will be judged on the following areas: ability to draw a portrait, understand tone, line and form. 
  2. ii) The work can be published or unpublished.

8- The Figure Illustration Award will be judged on the following areas: live arts, cool hunting, live catwalks; contemporary culture families; stories or personal experiences and the figure. 

9 - The Objects Award Illustration will be judged on the following areas: pushing the boundaries of image making or not conforming to any form of image creation, products from perfumes, bags, shoes, glasses, still life and anything inanimate. 

9b - The Facades Award Illustration will be judged on the following areas: looking at the interior or exterior of buildings from all view points using all types of mediums and expressive ways to convey the world today 

10 - The judges' decision is final. 

11 - All entries will be moderated. If there is a query, a member of the team will contact the entrant via email to request further information. 

12- All winners may be contacted to lend some or all of the original artwork, including the design process.

13 - Any third party submitting an entry (i.e. agent) is responsible for contacting the copyright holder to ensure their consent to these terms.

14. All students submitting will be put forward to the over all prize to win the Fida award money of £1000. 

15. All student winners will be put forward to the Blakes arts residency program. 

16. All short listers will receive FREE entry into the awards. 

 17. The Fida awards will send out a long Short list for the awards, then a shortlist with the finalists and the overall winners will be announced on the evening.