Blakes Hotel

Blakes Hotel is a 5-star hotel in London, and considered one of the world's first boutique hotels. It is at 33 Roland Gardens in South Kensington. It was established by London hotelier and designer Anouska Hempel, and contains eclectic artifacts collected by Hempel during her international travels. 

Known for protecting its clients's privacy from the paparazzi, it often accommodates celebrities.

Regular guests have included Princess MargaretSarah Ferguson, Duchess of York; actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Lindsay Lohan; and supermodel Kate Moss.


Blakes is probably the most excitingly fashionable small hotel in the world. It was conceived by Anouska Hempel when the 'couture' hotel did not exist. Timeless and beautiful since its opening in 1978, it plays the balance of Anouska Hempel’s theatrical excess and warm hospitality. 
Through the doors of this Chelsea hotel in London, is a sensual and esoteric place of unconventional luxury. Blakes is a world within a hotel: it exudes luxury with imagination; fine living with a sense of drama and panache.

Adored by those who desire unapologetic beauty. A preciously guarded secret address in the world of fashion, film, music and art. The person who loves Blakes is as individual as the hotel. 

A home for the free spirit. The desire for serenity and the lust for hedonistic abandon. Blakes understands the changing mood and responds instinctively. Blakes is the understanding that a hotel is not simply a convenient place to rest. Time spent in a great hotel is the making of precious, if occasionally hazy, lifetime memories.
Throughout the rooms one finds the glow of beauty, softly shimmering in shadows and half-light, a world to get lost in.
One of the most unique design hotels in London, Blakes is an altar to the ritual of languid, animal grace. A station of the fourth world where the fragrant essence of Chinoiserie floats calmly alongside high octane rock and roll misbehaviour. A beautiful, lush and secluded garden. Tranquility away from the city. An oasis to soothe the soul. 
The song of lovebirds. Blakes is this but also understands the need to wear shades for dinner at midnight. The joy of walking, tired, away from the glorious debris of the night and waking to the soft return to pristine, tranquil calm. All concealed within the imposing enigma of those dark walls.

Enigmatic elegant drama. Imposing, dark architecture offers the first allure of secrecy. Confident and understated. A bold gesture that keeps out as many people as it seduces.

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