1 - Who should enter?

Professionals, amateurs, students, graduates and anyone else with a passion for drawing.

2 - What is the closing date/deadllne ?

FIDA - 2020 31st July 2020 11pm UK GMT

DIFA 2020 - 30th November 2020 11pm UK GMT

3 - When are the awards?

The awards will be held during London fashion week in September 2020. Date 08.09.2020

4 - Which category should I apply for ? FIDA ? DIFA ? 

Faces Award: For those who love to work with faces and portraits.

Figure Award: For the illustrator who loves to capture real life figure, live arts and modern culture.

Facade Award: For the illustrator who loves to play, break the rules and try out new ideas of image making. Drawing buildings/interiors/architecture.

Objects Awards: For the artist who loves to drawing perfume/makeup/accessories.


Digital Portrait Award - For the contemporary fashion digital artist, passionate about drawing

Digital illustration award  - Loves to draw from fashion and collections show a true understanding for fashion technology

Digital Innovation Award - For Game Changers 

5- What medium should I use ?

You can use any medium. 

The work can be film/animation/gifs/paintings/drawings/collage art/watercolours/i pad art/digital drawing.

6- How should files be sent?

Files should be sent no bigger than 3000x3000 pxl 150 dpi.


7- Which work will be shown?

The winners of the competition will have their work on display at the awards with the 10 runners up. 

8- What is the Blakes residency award?

The winner of the Blakes residency award will be contacted to work out dates and times to develop a program. The winner will be expected to draw and create illustrations with famous models styled by the Fida teams selected creatives. 

9- What happens to the work created at the residency?

All the artwork created for the residency will be exhibited at Blakes hotel and can be sold. 90% of the proceeds will go to the artist and 10% will be donated to Fida's chosen charity: VHL UK/Ireland.

For further information visit

10 - Who should I contact if I'm stuck?