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Fida - We are Two Issue

Fida - We are Two Issue

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Fida has launched its first digital magazine, featuring interviews, awards, debates, talks and reviews. 

Opening the discussion on the profession of Fashion illustration across the globe. Speaking to Industry leaders, judges to the awards and featured members on special collaborations. 

Editor in Chief: Patrick Morgan

Editor: Diane Morgan

Contributors/Featured Artists

Joanna Layla, Nadia Coolrista, Nuno Da Costa, Kelly Bailey,
Mila Gislon, Manon Cardin, Caroline Andrieu, Martina Cabrini, Sarah Plaumann, Jaqueline Bissett, Jessica Bird, Caroline Tomlinson, Peter Turner, Richard Haines, Francesco Lo Iacono, Melanie De Jong, Joshua Marshall, Maxim Sergeev, Nicolas Rao, Hossein Borojeni, Connie Lim, Margot Van Huijkelomn, Manon Cardin, Martha Zmpounou, 
Carmen Vega Ruigómez, Annette Wueller, & Gill Wright.

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