Collection: Become a Patron - Support New Talent

As a platform for helping to elevate and support a community of Fashion Artists and Illustrators, Fida aims to offer the opportunity to all types of artists looking to progress in a fashion arts career. As a patron, you will be assisting up and coming artists to realise their true potential of drawing and draftsmanship.
Patrons will support artists, enabling them to advertise themselves on the Fida online platform and will also fund them a place in The Fible (a book which commissioners of fashion illustration will be given to showcase talent in the industry).

As a Patron. 

  • We will offer a personal Page on the site.
  • Named on all awards and events for the year onwards
  • Updates on Fida worldwide and ideas for the future. 
  • Invitations to all dinners and events throughout the year
  • Invitation to exhibitions curated and supported by Fida worldwide 
  • Invitation to launch celebrations and charity exhibitions 
  • Invitation to Auction on and offline
  • Opportunities to purchase art live and online.
  • Signed copy of The Fible Book 
  • Signed Artwork by Fida artist
  • Meet and speak to Artist 
  • Personal discussion and update on artists journey 

Fida Patron program is a supporter of The Be Well Collective raising awareness for Mental Health in Fashion.