Acid Gallery

The Acid Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based on research by emerging artists. It aims to highlight current contemporary creation in the hope of serving as springboards for young artists.

The artistic line of the gallery is intended to be rock, passionate, quite dark and provocative.

The curator: Eric Delecourt

After working for many years in security, Eric Delecourt created the "MEMENTO MORI" concept store in Lille about ten years ago. A collector for 20 years, Eric's sensitivity for art and the multiple opportunities for encounters associated with a time in his life when he had free time between two missions, naturally led him to take a close interest in art. 'contemporary art.

Eric Delecourt started visiting various exhibitions, participating in art fairs and reading art magazines. His meeting with Dennis Hopper, emblematic actor of Easy Rider, renowned photographer, who contributed to the popularity of Pop Art, close to artists and curators, then his meeting with his producer, Scott Lavin were real triggers for set out on his new path. It was therefore in 2016 that Acid Gallery was created. Within the gallery, two entities coexist: DON'T TRUST THE HYPE (DTTH) which promotes major established artists listed on the second market and the Acid Gallery dedicated to emerging artists.

The purpose of the gallery

"Make your passion your job, share contemporary works of art, make discoveries, make them accessible."

Initially, Acid was just a virtual gallery. Then the director of the gallery wanted to share art, to make it a place of meetings and exchanges. This is why the gallery was opened in December 2018, 11 rue de la Collégiale, in Old Lille. Lille being a city close to Eric's heart and where he comes from.

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