Collection: Kate - No One Pop Up

Kate is a fashion illustrator and embroidery artist based in Zagreb, Croatia. Her creative journey starts in 2014 when she attended the Italian School of Design Callegari.
Following graduating from the Italian School of Design, Kate continued her voyage to Amsterdam, where she attended Fashion Academy (2015).
In Amsterdam, she attended a fashion illustration class which inspired her to carry on the creative path in that direction.
In 2017 she decided to study the Bachelor of Art programme Illustration at the University of Hertfordshire. Business classes were not her favourites, but while working on a branding project she established the pseudonym NoOne, which she uses even today.
Following her graduation in 2019, she desires to gain more experience and knowledge in the creative industry. Which made her attend classes in the Master of Art programme Illustrations at Falmouth University (2019-2021).
During those student days, Kate experimented with different textiles, media, techniques and styles. Ultimately, her focus came down to bold embroidery designs, paper engineering and digital fashion illustrations inspired by surrealism and realism with elements of biology and botany.