Collection: Hyevin Namgoong

I'm a South Korean-based fashion illustrator and artist. I primarily create my art using pastels, watercolors, mixed media, and collage methods. I enjoy the process of developing my ideas, especially with how to put a brand's vision to my art. I like to explore any and every different effect I can come up with by using my materials; this allows me to express my art aesthetic more and to have the flexibility to respond to a brand's vision. I also really like to share my drawing process with people. I hope people enjoy and understand my perspective of drawing.
 I want to create arts that give people a sense of healing and hope.
Recently, I have been thinking a lot about how to incorporate Korean traditional
clothing, Hanbok, into my style and express it in a pastel painting. I wanted
to make the viewer feel how beautiful hanbok is by adding my own emotional
feeling while preserving the unique elegance and neatness of hanbok.