Collection: Sophie Speyer RCA

I have chosen to take my career back to the most intuitive part of my creative practice, which is Drawing and Printmaking. I love the magic of reinventing hand-drawn marks through the printmaking process.  After enjoying a short course at LCF in Fashion Illustration, I set up my instagram account @sophieskiosk, with the ambition of becoming a commercial Artist and Printmaker.

I now work part-time at Bainbridge Print Studios in South London; a job that came out of a Fellowship I was awarded in 2021. I’m a proud Fida member & Fida Drawing Awards Finalist. In 2022 I was fortunate to be offered an Artist’s Residency with Fida, creating regular visual diary entries for the website.

This Fida showcase has been vital to my artistic progression. I believe that the eyes of other people are always helpful, and I thrive in creative dialogue with others. I can reinvent your photographs or screenshots from fashion movies/catwalk footage. All commissions are welcome, thank you for taking time to look at my work.