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FIDARTS 4 week - Commercial Fashion Illustrationx LFW Course 04.09 - 29.09.2023 - Early Bird Fee

FIDARTS 4 week - Commercial Fashion Illustrationx LFW Course 04.09 - 29.09.2023 - Early Bird Fee

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Fidarts Commercial Fashion Illustration course is a brand new education programme, focussing on the artistic, financial and commercial side of fashion illustration and art, teaching techniques and methods of how to draw, design and earn a living. Fashion illustration is so important in the industry of fashion and social media, with the rise in technology and social media platforms, this space provides a crucial opportunity to elevate and promote your practice.

During this course you will learn a variety of techniques and processes, providing you with the tools to improve your fashion illustrations and build a robust online following.

Each week you will be shown various techniques involving both traditional and digital methods from ink, coloured pencil, fabric rendering and fashion proportions. The experienced collection of tutors will offer a variety of skills and abilities giving live feedback during the lectures online.

Throughout the course you will develop a visual language and understand how to critique your work, helping you to own your vision and personal style. The course will open you up to new ways of working and will create a support network for you and a peer group to share ideas and give feedback.

The main difference between the Commercial course and this LFW course will focus on the fashion catwalk shows and understanding the designers vision for the collections. 

Who should consider this course?

This course is for all levels of fashion creatives, either in the field of fashion or with an interest in drawing fashion. We will be able to work from the ground up, developing the skills from an amateur to a high profile illustrator.

LFW drawing LIVE led by Fashion illustrator Connie Lim will be an additional part of the Course. From the beginning of the course the focus will be on drawing live for shows and documenting fashion. Understanding collections and the thought process behind the designers commercial/ artistic values. Connie will be introducing the course to a new understanding of drawing the fashion muse and decoding the attitude of the designs and the catwalk shows.

Course Details:

  • Understanding the role of the fashion artist/ illustrator
  • Finding and developing a visual style
  • Development of sketchbook
  • The role of social media and personal promotion
  • Where to share and promote work online
  • Development and construction of a portfolio
  • Building and enhancing styles and techniques
  • A better understanding of colour theory and colour mixing
  • Understanding composition and fashion form
  • Decoding collections and catwalks for LFW
  • Drawing from live shows and referencing magazines
  • Improving your knowledge of fashion and industry trends and looks

On this course you will receive the following:

  • Live online course with lectures by top industry professionals and a course leader
  • Learning outcomes provided by the course objectives
  • Online forum for peer to peer reviews and feedback
  • Certificate on completion
  • Building a peer group and networking opportunities
  • Forming a community of other creatives and fashion illustrators
  • Joining the fida family and community of other illustrators and artists


Week 1 - Understanding the industry and building a sketchbook

  • Live Online course and talks
  • Lectures by top industry professionals and a course leader
  • Discussing learning outcomes for the course
  • Initial discussion on styles and approaches to fashion illustration
  • The history of fashion illustration
  • Project outline and expectations
  • Project feedback
  • Pre recorded Zoom talks from Fashion artists
  • Pre recorded Zoom talks for rewatch at a later date
  • Building and development of sketchbook for LFW shows


Week 2 - Exploring techniques and developing a personal style

  • Practicing different techniques with tutors
  • Online forum for peer to peer reviews and feedback
  • Live Talks with industry experts
  • Watch Pre recorded Zoom talks from Fashion course content
  • Feedback for work produced during the course
  • Building and development of sketchbook
  • Understanding trend forecasting
  • Decoding collections and catwalks
  • Experimenting with new media and technology
  • Project outline and expectations
  • Project feedback for the LFW fashion shows


Week 3 - Online and social media presence

  • Live Online course and lectures by top industry professionals on social media and online promotion
  • Understanding social media opportunities and engagement
  • Experimenting with new promotional techniques and platforms
  • Create promotional material to review and get feedback
  • Pre recorded Zoom talks from Fashion industry
  • Recorded Zoom talks for rewatch at a later date
  • Building and development of sketchbook
  • Review social media work and receive feedback
  • Drawing LIVE with Connie for LFW


Week 4 - Online and portfolio development

  • Review content created for course
  • Assess the different promotional channels by student
  • FInal group Critique of work with feedback
  • Uploading of work online via social media, website, promotional space
  • Reviewing the different drawings for LFW shows with Fidarts team
  • Complete course and receive certificate
  • Join the fidarts peer group for future discussions

Course leader

Patrick Morgan MA RCA PGC HE - Educator - Commercial Fashion illustrator / designer



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