Quentin Jones
Olivia Petter @oliviapetter1 Monday 3 June 2019

Illustrator and photographer Quentin Jones has designed an interiors capsule collection for Habitat – and it’s as sprightly as fans of the acclaimed artist would expect.

Jones, who is renowned for her work for Vogue, Chanel and Victoria Beckham, has reimagined some of her signature artworks across a range of textiles for the home, consisting of rugs and cushions.

There are the abstract eye cushions (£60 each), which Jones explains were inspired by the idea of a “sofa monster surveying the room”, that feature one open and one winking eye that look as if they’ve been painted on in brushstrokes.

Then for those really looking to add some eccentricity into their living rooms, there’s the Antrausic Rug, costing £450, that features splashes of primary colours alongside rigid black typography on a white background.

One undisputed highlight is the eye-eye My Love rug (£450), which incorporates two of the cushion designs into one reassembled artwork that looks as if it has been painted directly onto the rug itself.

“My artworks are often very layered, with a mix of photography, painting and moving image,” Jones comments.

“It doesn’t translate obviously into interior pieces, but I have a strong sense for how I like home’s interiors to be which sits as the under-pinning to lots of my work that hands on the walls.”

Jones explained that she personally prefers working with monochromatic and primary palettes and is inspired by German art trends, such as Bauhaus.

The artist adds: “I am also drawn to bold graphic shapes with minimal fuss which might be from having grown up in a house if two architect parents, who were keen minimalists.”