IFIW - International Fashion Illustration Week - 2024

IFIW - International Fashion Illustration week has been launched to celebrate the artistic practise of fashion artists and illustrators. 

IFIW will be hosted by the Fida Platform from 09.02.2024 to 16.02.2024

The aim will be to showcase, discuss and open a wider conversation around the discipline of drawing and image making. IFIW will also open dialogues with numerous universities and institutions to create more awareness, offering students, graduates and young creatives an environment to harness their talents. 

Over the centuries, fashion illustrators have assisted fashion designers with their collections or brand campaigns, capturing their overall vision. Contemporary fashion illustration has moved from only supporting designers to creatives partnering with brands, through activations and artistic experiences. 

IFIW will be hosted online, to achieve global outreach - with talks, exhibitions and online debates, and will be held annually.

FIDA Worldwide, with the support of Fashion United, and other media groups will help to coordinate the direction of IFIW, helping to elevate and promote fashion art and illustration. 

To celebrate IFIW, 100 of the top fashion illustrators in the industry will be showcased by Fida, with artists being given the opportunity to display their work in a virtual exhibition and the top ten artists also receiving a feature in the Fible.

Check out IFIW exhibition opportunity:


More details regarding IFIW will be shared via fidaworldwide.com 


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