'Fluidity and Agility shapes this master of watercolours.' Fida Ambassador Francesco lo Iacono talks with founder Patrick Morgan

Prada S/S 2021

When did you first get into drawing?
Why did you choose to make fashion part of your inspiration?

Like many creatives, I've been drawing since I was a kid. I think it has been pretty much a constant till my teenage years, right after that I started attending the Fine Arts back in Italy. I got interested in fashion through photography actually, during my last years as a student. So at some point, it felt natural to mix all of my interests.

What is your particular working day as a creative?

"One of the things that I enjoy the most about being an illustrator is that every day is different. There are days that I prefer to draw and others where I work on my laptop." 

I try to schedule a sort of routine in order to make the most of my time, but it's very true that commissions quite often come out of the blue.
Celine AW20
What tools do you use when creating your images?
I mostly use watercolour. If I need to add more details I may use coloured pencils or markers. I always try to explore more materials, especially when I have some extra time, like acrylic, inks or collage etc...
Who and what has influenced you over the years as an artist?

"I think I have been influenced by many things, also outside of fashion. Some fine artists of the past or contemporary ones are an influence till this day, even those whose style is quite different from mine."

Same goes with photography, which has been a huge part of my life before. Fashion magazines like i-D and Dazed really contributed to my growing interest in fashion.
I also look up to many fashion illustrators from the past and nowadays as well.
Louis Vuitton 2020
What advice do you have for younger artists looking to be part of this industry?
I feel like I am still learning myself every day. But I would suggest being patient as it can be a long process. It takes time and you should use this time to practice, learn, enrich your portfolio and then practice more!
I would say it can be different to everyone, there's no one single and unfailing recipe. 
Dior 2020
What are you drawing today? Music you listening to? Books that you are reading? Favourite artist/designer at the moment?
I am currently working on some drafts for a project due next week. I often listen to music while working, right now it's Gem Club. I have a couple of books on my bedside table that I still need to finish as I always end up reading fashion magazines instead!

"Jonathan Anderson's work for his eponymous label and Loewe has always been of great inspiration."

I have recently discovered the work of photographer Mark Neuville and fell in love with it.
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