Paris Fashion Week Fashion illustrations work Review - Connie's Crit

Paris Fashion Week Fashion illustrations work Review - Connie's Crit

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Connie's Crit offers a comprehensive review of the fashion-related artworks showcased during Milan's Fashion Week. Bally fashion house posters and artworks are individually scrutinised by a team of fashion experts, featuring comprehensive evaluations and breakdowns of the style, design and construction of each piece. Get an unbiased and objective look at the hottest fashion trends this season.

The Crit is an online review service specialised in Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen and Comme De Garcon fashion illustration artworks. Established to benefit illustrators, the review offers detailed analysis of design elements, accuracy and execution by a professional artist and art industry insider. Their qualified reviews are based on industry insights, providing an objective and accurate assessment of quality.

The Crit delivers comprehensive analysis and review of fashion illustrations from world renowned designers, such as Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith, and Alexander McQueen from Paris Fashion Week. Our review is objective and backed-up by scientific data, to give you the most reliable opinions on the latest fashion trends.

Special Guest:

YÉGA - Creative Director/Illustrator 
YEGA is a British-Nigerian fashion artist whose client list mirrors the diverse international following her art has garnered. Notable commissions include British Vogue, Vogue Arabia, Maison Laduree, Diane Von Furstenberg, Grazia, Fashion Trust Arabia, Boghossian, Jennifer Chamandi and The Dubai Mall. 

Live Review online Via Zoom.

Time of Review: 7 - 9 pm UK GMT

Date: 16.03.2023


Louis Vuitton

Paul Smith

Alexander McQueen

Comme de Garcon

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