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Fidazza Piazza - POP-UP Market place - Fashion Collections

Fidazza Piazza - POP-UP Market place - Fashion Collections

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Fidazza Piazza - The number one Fashion illustration platform promoting Fashion arts around the globe. 

This market place will give fashion designers and creatives a chance to reach a wider audience, offering buyers and art lovers the opportunity to build a personal collection. 

This Pop Up online space with Live Metaverse exhibition and shopping store is one not to be missed.  

Fida is developing a series of opportunities to display your work attracting future collectors, patrons and curators. Selling direct to the client.

Fidazza Piazza is a POP-UP Online Exhibition and market place

Option 1: 1st December 2022 - 1st January 2023 (1 month)

Option 2: 1st December 2022 - 1st March 2023 (3 months)

Option 3: 1st December 2022 - 1st June 2023 (6 months)

Submission 5 images for virtual exhibition and 10 images for pop up online market place.  AREA 3m x 4m

What you will receive with your pop-up space

  • VIRTUAL EXHIBITION - Space to exhibit 5 images at the virtual exhibition (area 3m x 4 m)
  • POP - UP SHOP  -  1 market place page, displaying up to 10 images, showing pricing and details for each one.
  • Feature in eBook
  • OPEN BOOK EVENT - Live gallery show case day series. An opportunity to share your work during a 2 day live event, sharing curated pieces and giving the audiences an insight into the process of your practice. This will be VIA ZOOM. (Date of Live event 14-15 December 2022 10 - 4 pm  - booking slots for meetings and talks will be provided after payment confirmation)

To be supplied by the artist:

  • price of artwork
  • dimensions of designs
  • details of medium and materials
  • contact details: Email/Website/Telephone Number
  • images must be supplied RGB
  • 4 MBS Maximum - 150 dpi

Fida will receive 15% commission of all artwork sold through the Fidazza Piazza market place page. Postage and Packaging will be added to the final fee using the software to estimate costing. Once artwork has been delivered to the customer, the artist will be paid.

You will receive an image of artwork in situ and details to sign off.

Curated by the FIDA Team and a selected curator from the network.

All images shown can be posted on social media and online platforms to help promote the work and exhibition.

FINAL SUBMISSION 27th November 2022 5pm UK GMT

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