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FIDARTS ARCHIVE number v.003 Commercial Fashion Illustration Course (Pre recorded)

FIDARTS ARCHIVE number v.003 Commercial Fashion Illustration Course (Pre recorded)

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Fidarts Commercial Fashion Illustration PRE RECORDED Online course is a brand new education programme, focussing on the artistic, financial and commercial side of fashion illustration, teaching techniques and methods of how to draw, design and earn a living. Fashion illustration is so important in the industry of fashion and social media, with the rise in technology and social media platforms, this space provides a crucial opportunity to elevate and promote your practice.

Who should consider this course?

This course is for all levels of fashion creatives, either in the field of fashion or with an interest in drawing fashion. We will be able to work from the ground up, developing the skills from an amateur to a high profile illustrator.

During this course you will learn a variety of techniques and processes, providing you with the tools to improve your fashion illustrations and build a robust online following.

Each session you will be shown various techniques involving both traditional and digital methods from ink, coloured pencil, fabric rendering and fashion proportions. The experienced collection of tutors will offer a variety of skills and abilities. 

Throughout the course you will develop a visual language and understand how to critique your work, helping you to own your vision and personal style. The course will open you up to new ways of working.

    Course lecturers 

    Patrick Morgan MA RCA PGC HE - Educator - Commercial Fashion illustrator / designer

    Connie Lim BA PGC HE - Educator - Commercial Fashion illustrator / designer

    Luke Bullen - Fashion Illustrator

    Daniel Paige - Fashion academic and fashion illustrator

    Sophie Speyer - fashion printmaker /researcher & illustrator

    Natasa Kekanovic - Fashion digital illustrator

    Elly Azizian - Commercial fashion artist

    Kateryna Gorbenko - Art Director / Fashion Illustrator or

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