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FIDA Gallery - Solo Show - December 2023

FIDA Gallery - Solo Show - December 2023

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Fida Gallery is offering artists the chance to have their own virtual art exhibition, with each show lasting 4 weeks. Fida will design, curate and build a virtual exhibition for the artist(s), showcasing original artworks, drawings, prints and paintings. 

There is an option to have either a solo show, for an individual artist, or a group show, for up to 10 artists. If the Solo Show Plus or Group Show Plus option is selected, Fida will also design promotional posters, carry out an email campaign, post on social media channels and design a digital exhibition catalogue for the show.

All exhibition and sales enquiries will be dealt with by the artist, or a named contact provided by the artist. Fida will not take any commission from your sales.

What is the difference between Solo/Group and Solo Plus/Group Plus?

A Solo show is for 1 artist to exhibit only and the Group show can accommodate up to 10 artists.

If you choose a Solo or Group show: 

  • Fida Gallery will build the 4 week exhibition and share it for you to promote yourself.

If you choose Solo Plus or Group Plus show:

  • Fida Gallery will build the 4 week exhibition and share it with you to promote yourself.
  • Fida Gallery will create all branding and online communication, including a promotional, digital exhibition poster with your artwork and a digital exhibition catalogue (including all artworks in the show with your contact details, prices, dimensions, etc), using the Fida Gallery’s format (TBD with the artist once booked).
  • Fida will run 2 email campaigns promoting your show - at the launch and midway through. 
  • Fida will advertise your exhibition on all its social media channels and websites: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and a banner promotion on , and 
  • The space will be curated by Fida Gallery and agreed by the artist(s).

What you need to do next:

  • Choose your option: Solo or Group show.
  • Decide if you would like Fida to help with promotion and poster design (If YES, choose Plus option - Solo Plus or Group Plus).

Once you have booked your space, you will be contacted by Fida:

  • Regarding the supply of artworks and information about each piece (prices, dimensions, materials etc).
  • Work can be sent via Google drive/ We transfer/ DropBox/ OneDrive and any other platform.
  • Images must be supplied maximum 2 MBS each, 150 dpi (RGB)

Sales enquiries will go directly to the artist, so you will have total control over sales - you set prices, choose primary contact and receive payments.

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