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Digital illustration course - 2 week program May 01.05.2024 - 12.05.2024

Digital illustration course - 2 week program May 01.05.2024 - 12.05.2024

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This 2 week intensive program provides an introduction to digital illustration through Adobe Procreate and other digital tools. Participants will gain knowledge in current digital arts techniques, allowing for a hands-on digital experience. A great way to get started with digital illustration!

A series of 2 hour live online classes 3 times a week with Fida faculty and digital artists.

You will need the following to attend this class:



Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop/Indesign/Illustrator


This course is for all levels of illustrators wanting to learning how to apply skills to digital. 

You will learn:

How to import files and set up work print/digitally ready

Edit and create original artworks 

Understand composition and design

Colour management

Exporting for industry 

Developing a language for an artistic practice

Apply your work to a layout for sending to clients

How to send work and approach clients for new commissions

Special lectures:

Flaminia Rossi - Lacoste fashion  Live illustrator

Anja Karboul - Luxury fashion digital artist

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