Fida 9th Awards FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Fida Awards?

The Fida awards are an online awards, shining a spotlight on new talent and celebrating the best contemporary creatives in the fashion illustration and arts field.

What are the categories for the 9th Fida Awards?

The 9th Fida Award categories are as follows:

Customised Product and Packaging Award 
Sketchbook or iPad Award
Backstage, Front row and Street Style Award
Murals and Spaces Award
Design Collections and Collaboration Award
Contemporary and Fine Art in Fashion Award
Reels and Shorts Award
Student Fashion Illustration Award
Covers and Posters Award

    Who can enter the awards?

    The Fida Awards are online so anyone can enter work into them, from anywhere in the world. 

    You do not need to be a Fida Member to enter, but must be over 18 years old.

    Who are the awards suitable for?

    The awards are suitable for amateurs, students, professionals, hobbyists, illustrators, artists, fashion designers, printmakers and any other creative that wants to get involved.

    Can students submit work into any category?

    Students can enter work into any of the 9 categories if they wish, but only students can submit work into the Student Fashion Illustration Award.

    If applying for the Student Fashion Illustration Award you will need to supply a valid student ID when submitting your images.

    How do I enter the awards?

    Once you have decided what awards you want to enter and how many images you are going to submit, you need to purchase your entries on the relevant page.

    Why should I enter the awards?

    • The Fida Awards celebrate the best in fashion illustration and arts, showcasing rising stars and raising awareness for creatives making waves in the fashion industry and beyond.
    • Your work will be seen by our industry-leading judges.
    • Longlisted artists will have their name announced on
    • Shortlisted artists, commendation artists and winning artists will have their work showcased on and instagram once announced.
    • There is a prize fund of over £27,000, offering membership, features in books and exhibitions, etc. See full details below

      What prizes are available for the winners?

      Winners will receive over £27,000 worth of prizes. The 9 category award winners will each receive prizes worth over £2,300, including:

      • 1 year of Exclusive Fida Membership
      • A feature in The Fible
      • Selected images in the 9th Awards Virtual Exhibition
      • Selected images in the 9th Awards Virtual Exhibition E-book

        Additionally, one artist will be named the Overall Winner and will receive extra prizes worth £5700.

        • Fida Gallery Virtual Solo Show (worth £3500)
        • Double Page Spread in the Fible & feature on The (worth £2200)

          What do I need to do? 

          Each category has its own brief to follow, explaining what the judges will be looking for, which you can see by going into the award that you wish to enter

          Once you have decided what awards you would like to submit work into and how many images, then you can select that number on the relevant page of the website. 

          Can I enter more than one award?

          Yes you can submit work into as many award categories as you like.

          Do I need to deliver my artwork anywhere?

          No, these awards are online, so you can enter from anywhere in the world. As long as you can email a scan, or photo of your work, you can enter. Full details of how to prepare your images and where to send them will be sent to you, once you have placed your order. 

          What techniques and materials can be used for submissions?

          You can use any of the following mixed media techniques and materials: pencil drawing, colour pencil, pen & ink, markers, painting (watercolour/acrylic/oil etc), canvas, paper, printmaking, screen printing, litho, etching, photo collage, spray, relief, computer/tablet/laptop, photocopier, scanner, and more. Please check each category to see specific materials for the award you are entering.

          Who are the judges for the 9th Fida Awards?

          We have an impressive list of professional, industry-leading fashion illustrators and creatives judging the awards. 

          The judges for the 9th Fida Awards are:

          • Anna Halarewicz
          • Astridvosx
          • Diana Kuksa
          • Elly Azizian
          • Francisco J Cortes
          • Frédéric Forest
          • Graeme Fidler
          • Jessica Durant
          • Manuel Santelices
          • Marianna Gefen
          • Sonia Shao

            What is the closing date for submissions?

            The closing date for submission is Sunday 5th May 2024, 11:59 PM EST.

            How will applicants be notified about their submissions?

            Once Fida receives your images, you will be emailed within 24 hours to confirm receipt. 

            The Longlist and Shortlist will be announced on the Fida website, with further announcements on Fida worldwide’s Instagram account @fidaworldwide (so please follow us to keep up with the awards announcements.

            How and when will the longlist be announced?

            Fida Awards Longlist will be announced on the Fida website: on Friday 17th May 2024

            How and when will the shortlist be announced?

            Fida Awards Shortlist will be announced on the Fida website: on Friday 24th May 2024

            When will the winners and commendations be announced?

            The Commendations and Award Winners will be announced during a virtual event on Friday 31st May 2024. Updates will also be available on Instagram (@fidaworldwide) and on the website in due course.

            Is there a refund policy for award entries?

            Award entries are non-refundable. If work is not submitted or submitted after the deadline, it will not be put in for consideration or refunded.

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