Collection: Fida 7th Fashion Illustration and Drawing Awards 2023

The awards are split into the following 4 categories:

Fame & Fortune 

The rise of the celebrity and the visionary brand ambassador has been accelerated since the introduction of social media. In a world of mass media and a desire to be famous, the topic for this category is looking to illustrate what fame looks like today. A movie star, musician, director, artist, designer, professional athlete, influencer, photographer.

Over the years magazines, media, television and film have all raised the profile of people to super stardom. We want you to capture this artwork as an illustration, digital image, painting, sculpture, CGI, collage or any other medium you prefer. 

You can draw special fashion moments, Oscar Awards, film stills, television/media, magazine covers, plays, moments in history (Super Bowl halftime performances), etc. 

Century of the Selfie

In this award, we want you to turn the camera round and focus on the self, look at the creator not the sitter. Throughout history artists have made self-portraits and, through the process, found a new meaning to image making and self-exploration. 

In your artwork you can be graphic, abstract, hyper realistic, expressionistic, unrealistic or even superficial. The work could be adventurous, looking at contemporary portraits, from avatars to emojis or digital versions. We want you to push the boundaries of how the self-portrait can be a journey of self-evaluation and modes of spiritual self-adventure.

Digital futures

For this award, we are looking for digital image makers pushing technology to a space relevant to the modern day, where creatives enter into the contemporary fashion world through garment construction, styling and brand promotion. 

We are open to see work from software builders, app developers, AI creatives, NFT artists, startups, cloth simulators, computer scientists, world builders, game developers and digital directors to share their universes, giving us a view into their mind. 

Culture Vulture

The artist today is constantly switched on, looking at and absorbing the world around them. In these awards, we want to see how advertising impacts and influences youth, culture, environmental spaces, brands, products, consumerism, and both local and global surroundings. The goal is to document these trends, through any mode of image making from analogue to digital, looking at both people and location, including documentary illustrators, visual artists, urban artists and graffiti creators. Looking at how they communicate with the world today, and how it informs their practice. Artists of inspiration include Daniel Arsham, Jean Michel Basquiat, Tom Sachs, Banksy, Virgil Abloh and Keith Haring. Appropriating from the luxury world, the high street store or even convenience shop, this challenge is for all modern day image makers who might like to disrupt, deconstruct or deface modern images of today. The documentary artist who prefers to draw the world they live in and illustrate rather than photograph the moment. 


Martyn Roberts - CEO Fashion scout London Fashion Week New Gen. 103k followers Instagram LFW - 519k followers 

Alwyn Hunt - Adobe. 1.4m followers. The Rookies - 63.7k followers

Silvano - Creative director Printemps. 528k followers 

Stephane Manel - Fashion Illustrator. 17.9k followers

Rosie Mcguiness - Fashion Illustrator. 37.9k followers

Caroline Tomlinson - Fashion Illustrator. 21.7k followers

Dahren Davey - Fashion illustrator. 13.8k followers

Josh Marshall - Digital Illustrator. 4.5k followers 

Xevi Sola - Artist. 18k followers 

Kate Mason - Chairwoman The Royal Society of Designers

Nadia Coolrista - 39k 

Giulia Bartolomei - Bottega Veneta (Women’s SLG Worldwide Merchandising Manager presso

Bonnie Lo: G F Smith 



Nuno Da Costa - Fashion Illustrator - 36.5k followers

Francesco Lo Iacono - 54.2k followers

Connie Lim - 60.3k followers

Joanna layla- 10.1k followers


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