Fida 9th Award winners 2024

Fida 9th Award winners 2024


9th FIDA Awards winners List & Commendations.

Congratulations to all the listed artists, commendations, and winners of the Fida 9th Awards. Wonderful to see so many vibrant and distinctive entries. The winners will be celebrated in the 9th Fida Awards virtual exhibition and will be showcased in the E-book as part of their prize, from the 1st of July 2024.

FIDA Judges feedback:

"The FIDA Awards have become a staple in Fashion Art and provide a glowing example of the rich diversity of talent in the sphere today. From up-and-coming student entries to professional illustrators working at events and in product and fashion design, it's an absolute privilege to judge these awards and glimpse the very exciting perspectives of this artform. Once almost written off as a relique of old world art, seeing the innovation and modernization of Fashion Illustration thanks to FIDA and these participating artists, it's clear the future is vast and bright!" Elly Azizian, Fashion Strokes

"I feel happy and proud to be part of Fida’s effort to promote and support the art of fashion illustration. The diversity and creativity of the work submitted reveals the strength of illustration today, and, as always, the wonderful brilliance of each individual artist." Manuel Santelices

"It is refreshing to see a wide range of creative illustrations at the Fida Awards 2024. Therefore, I'm excited to serve as a judge and select my favourites in all categories." Marianna Gefen

"It was so very hard to choose, there were so many pieces full of vibrancy, intricacy and beauty. I love seeing how fashion illustration is evolving and growing and becoming more and more commonplace. Our industry is booming more than ever and I see a bright future for a longtime!" Jessica Durrant

"Selecting the winners in each category was no easy task. I tried to focus on the entries that stood out the most in terms of their uniqueness and originality. Technical skills were very important, however I placed a higher value on the submissions that offered a fresh perspective. Once again, thank you so much for selecting me as a judge for this year's Fida Awards. I look forward to seeing who the winners are and how their work will influence and inspire others."Anna Halarewicz

Paul Konye - Backstage winner

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