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Patrick Morgan’s Pigment Channel Exhibition at The V&A Exploring the Future of Fashion

 Pigment Channel launches at the V&A on 8th December 2018

 Installation explores the future of fashion - from AI design, robotics, and the materials that will be used

 Reflecting the evolving technology that is changing the world of fashion, VR will be used to bring the concept to life

 Escape Studios have built the immersive VR experience, complete with 3D printed objects

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LONDON, 08.12.18: Pigment Channel is a virtual experience that aims to show changes in art throughout history. It will compare traditional approaches to new digital tools, and how they will change colour and creativity in the future.

After working in the field of design and luxury for over 20 years with brands Tom Ford, YSL, LVMH, Christian Dior, Fendi and Schiaperilli – as well as having work archived by Tate Modern, MACBA and The Royal College of Art – Patrick Morgan’s recent focus explores future learning, leading to the development of this latest installation, Pigment Channel. Patrick will be the Artist and Art Director on this project.

By exploring the past and future, the exhibition will invite over 40,000 attendees to visualise the next evolution of fashion. The piece will give insights on the introduction of robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine intervention, as well as showcasing on how garments of the future will look, and how they may be constructed. In order to highlight this change over time, the experience will take attendees on a journey through fashion history - from Auguste Rodin’s workshop, to the AI informed studios of the future.

Patrick Morgan MA RCA said: “This installation not only delivers us an opportunity to propose a vision for the future of fashion, but also offers a chance to showcase new technologies available now – in the form of AI and VR, realised by the innovative team at Escape Studios. We’ll also be lucky enough to use music composed by Junkerry, who will employ new surround sound methodology developments by the King’s College Audio group. As an ensemble, this will ensure that Pigment Channel is an all-encompassing sensory experience – transporting those that experience the installation through time.”

Multi-media artist and musician Junkerry composed an original music score. Her work at the cutting edge of sound, seems to transcend virtual and real worlds — always surreal, ethereal, surprising and provocative. Here she experimented using ZD spatial audio technology, developed by King’s College London’s Department of Informatics with support from the Culture team at King’s, to add a unique musical signature that is haunting, melodic and totally engaging

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A number of tutors from Escape Studios, a renowned provider of Visual Effects (VFX), Games, Animation and Motion Graphics courses, will be responsible for the technical implementation powering the VR experience, bringing to life the work of Patrick Morgan. Patrick has worked closely in the past with Escape Studio’s Artists and Lecturers to help create a vision of the future of fashion and AI. The Escape Studios tutors involved with the Pigment Channel include Simon Fenton, Head of Games, as well as Phillip Meredith, Game Art tutor and Jonathan McFall, VFX tutor – who will both be responsible for modelling, designing and texturing all cloths in the project.

Simon Fenton, who will take the role of Environment and VR Artist said: “We are excited to help Patrick bring this installation to life. In creating a 3D environment that can be experienced through VR, we will be able to offer visitors a truly immersive view into what future technology may bring to the world of fashion. Also, on our capacity as a higher education institution, we always take every opportunity to help champion creativity – and the V&A is an incredible platform to showcase these credentials.”

Other individuals working on the exhibition include Technical Artist Juriaan Van Lindchoten, who will work on advanced features like simulations and transitions in Unreal – whilst Pol Escape and Thomas Moore will assist in asset development. The exhibition was organised and will be overseen by V&A Curator Suzie Zubrowska.

Pigment Channel will be available to visit at the V&A from 8th December 2018.

Notes to Editors: 

About Patrick Morgan MA RCA 

After working in the field of design and luxury for over 20 years with brands Tom Ford, YSL, LVMH, Christian Dior, Fendi and Schiaperilli – as well as having work archived by Tate Modern, MACBA and The Royal College of Art 

About Kings College

Professor Zoran Cvetkovic head of digital signal processing and Enzo De Sena enabled the event to use the new ZD technology, which was developed by King’s College London’s Department of Informatics with support from the Culture team at King’s.

About Junkerry 

Junkerry’s work explores how technology can be used artistically to captivate and engage audiences in new ways. She does this by collaborating with visual artists and technology labs to deliver genre bending projects. To date she has worked with IRCAM. Paris, Royal College of Art, Google Tilt, NASA, Kings College and Escape Studios/Pearson College to name a few



About Escape Studios 

Escape Studios are pioneering the next wave of visual effects artists, animators and game developers by transforming higher education. With industry engagement at its core, Escape Studios’ approach to industry-focused learning, is what sets it apart from the rest.

Escape harnesses the expertise and relentless creativity of award-winning artists. Worked on the likes of The Dark Knight, the Lion King and Harry Potter, plus games for multiple PlayStation titles; bringing together talent from the top studios in the sector, including Framestore, MPC, Cinesite, Double Negative, Dreamworks Animation and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, to design, develop and deliver programmes.

Escape Studios’ thousands of alumni (dubbed ‘Escapees’) include BAFTA and Oscar winners; they’ve worked on VFX blockbusters like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Jungle Book, Dr Strange, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Captain America: Civil War, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Ex Machina, Interstellar and Gravity. They’ve also worked on bestselling games Assassin’s Creed and Forza Horizon 

For further information on any of the above please contact Escape@alfredlondon.com

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