Tripping and dipping his toes into Surrealist footsteps, Glenn Sandoval talks more with Patrick Morgan

Welcome Glenn or should I say, Mr.Sandoval

PM - How did you get into the field of drawing fashion?

GS - My introduction to the fashion world was the result of a suggestion by an art professor. He advised me to take a few courses in fashion in order to learn the techniques and thereby strengthen my skills in figure drawing. After taking some courses in historical costuming as well as fashion illustration itself, I began to take genuine interest in it.

PM - Looking at your new surrealist style what influenced you to move in this direction?

GS - My style of illustration has evolved considerably over the past decade or so. I went from 
traditional illustration to just letting loose and having fun with it.

Dali had fun with Schiaparelli, so why couldn’t I?

PM - Your approach is unique to how you can draw a brand? What made you use this approach?

GS - I do my best to research the artistic direction behind the product as well as the brand.

I then bring the brand into my world while keeping its essence. I essentially see it as a collaboration, well, at least in my mind! I do it with much respect.

PM – What is your process for drawing an image? Ie read/sketch/mark make?

GS - I honestly go through their runway shows or Look books and get a feel for the season. Afterwards, I pick a few outfits that catch my eye and sketch them out digitally. I then apply paint and go from there. I use the same traditional approach I learned in school 
and apply them in a digital manner.

PM – What inspires your work and who?

GS - My mother always told me, “if you ever find yourself in an artistic block, just open your eyes and look around you. There is inspiration everywhere”. In that case, the world around me serves as an inspiration. I just happen to put it through a surreal filter.

PM - Your background started in a different field why fashion drawing?

GS - My background happens to be in biochemistry and linguistics. However, I always took art courses to balance out the mental load. I didn’t take fashion illustration seriously until recently. Before then, I considered it a hobby, until people began to take notice.

I did not really think of it as fashion illustration since it is a bit “dark and nightmarish”.

Since then, I
started to really put more thought and dedication into developing this craft.

PM- Where next or what next?

GS - I will spend more time drawing and dedicate myself to this craft. I have nothing but the upmost respect for those who are involved in the fashion world. Furthermore, I’m deeply humbled by all of those who connect with my vision and know that with time, my artistic voice will grow louder and louder.


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