Roxy's Heart for Fashion Painting

How did you come across the Fida awards, and why did you apply?

I believe it was recommended to me through a lot of different other illustrators when FIDA was just launched. When I saw the list of judges I was convinced I had to enter. 

What made you select the image you did to enter the awards?

It was hard! I knew I wanted to enter in the experimental category because that'd fit my style the most but actually selecting the right image was a tough one. I ended up choosing an image that wasn't directly inspired by a designer but rather a makeup artist, since I really wanted to show off a portrait (I love painting faces). The flower girl is still one of my favourite paintings I made so far.

How did you feel about winning the awards with all the artists and judges from the industry selecting your work?

Crazy! I was not at the awards myself as I'm located in the Netherlands so I couldn't follow it live. I actually received a DM from a fellow illustrator saying 'CONGRATS, you won!' and I was sitting alone in my atelier and so surprised. Never would've guessed I'd win so it was a very strange experience. I think I called up a friend and went to a bar right after ha. It's also amazing for these great artists to have seen my work and select it as a winner, since I love their work so much. The best compliment. 

What is your normal day of working as a fashion illustrator?

I usually arrive at the atelier around 10/11 in the morning, get a cup of coffee and decide what I want to do today. Sometimes I have client work which will be done first, most of the time I create personal work. Then I work until around 6/7 and when I get hungry I go home to eat. Oh and I take pole dance breaks since a few weeks since I just installed one in the atelier. Great way to get some new creative energy!


Explain your process and the space you work in? How do you use social media or other platforms?

I have an atelier where I go to work as my living space is quite small and I really enjoy physically going to another place to work. When I'm illustrating fashion I usually work from a reference photo I found online, but I also work with my own images. I use myself as a reference a lot since I find it a lot less pressure than working with a model (although I like that too occasionally). Thumbnail sketches are the first step and then I go on to the real canvas. 
I love sharing my process on social media, I really made that part of my daily routine. Since I'm alone in my atelier most of the time, it gets kind of isolating so I love talking to people that have the same interests online. And I love meeting the people that collect my art, they have such a different view on my work than I do which is something I appreciate a lot. The work gets a completely new life when it leaves the studio and I love that because of social media I can actually see that journey. 


Do you have any advice for future Fida Artists entering the awards?

Don't doubt too much! Make a shortlist of your own work and let it sit for a while. You'll see that in a few days you picked your own favourites and that's the one you should apply with. 

Are you doing anything at the moment and can you share?

I'm currently part of a group exhibition at the I love illustration gallery in Amsterdam with the theme 'Indigo'. It's on until the 15th of November and I made four blue works especially for the exhibition.


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