Marina Parra 'Captures the simplicity that invites you into self reflection'.

Interview by Patrick Morgan

How did you come across FIDA awards, and why did you apply?

It may seem paradoxical, but due to the COVID pandemic that we are experiencing, and working at home, I have been able to find more time for illustration. I came across FIDA through Peter Dundas collaboration. 
That is how I started to follow FIDA in Instagram and learn about the competition, and I thought, " why not?". 
What made you select the image you did enter the awards?
I have always liked Fashion Illustration, the interpretation of the movement of the figure, the expression of the model, the garments. The category of Fashion Facade caught my attention, so I decided to risk and try it. 
I decided on that illustration because from the first moment the image of reference, I selected, told me "something", it made me feel calm, I tried to capture that simplicity that invites you into self reflection. 
How did you feel about winning the awards with all artists and judges from the industry selecting your work?
How I felt?
Wow, for me being selected as a finalist was more that I expected. Is amazing. 
I felt very happy and excited when you, Patrick, said my name. I am not professionally dedicated to fashion illustration. So that knowing that a team like FIDA together with the great high level of the jury have selected my work is incredible. It is a shoot of energy to continue working and creating. Really, I still to pinch myself to believe it, today I still think WOW. 
What is your normal day of working as a fashion illustrator?
Explain your process and the space you work in?How do you use social media or other platforms?
As I have commented previously, I am not dedicated to fashion illustration.
I work as a handbag and shoes designer.
I consider myself an "amateur". 
Fashion Illustration has always been a passion of mine, since I would have loved to have been able to dedicate myself to it professionally. 
My working process consists of first selecting an image. That image has to convey "something" to me to interpret it, sometimes it is complicated, since there are countless fashion images to illustrate, but I have to feel a certain connection with that image to feel comfortable when interpreting it. 
With this in mind I try to organise myself between my work and my big family to take time and disconnect. 
My workspace is the kitchen at home, it is my little corner to create.
Do you have any advise for future Fida Artists entering the awards?
With all, due respect, I don't think I'm the right person to give any advice, just say that enjoy doing what you do, that you feel good contributing, their creativity to a world as wide as the World of Fashion.
Are you doing anything at the moment and can you share?
Well, I always try to have something in hands, I think it's very important to practice, practice and practice. 
Since I don' t have all the time I'd like to dedicate to it, it usually takes one or two weeks to finish an illustration, since I never think a work is "finished". In my opinion it can always be improved, sometimes they are simple sketches.
Thank you so much, thanks for the support. 
It has been a pleasure for me to have met FIDA and can to be part of this edition. 

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