Marc-Antoine Coulon

Born in 1974 Marc-Antoine Coulon began drawing at the tender age of two...

This art, fashion, and design lover started his professional career in France and Italy as an illustrator for the music and movie industries, including a collaboration for the creation of the poster of "The Artist". 


Since January 2015, Marc-Antoine has been represented by the agency, GALUCHAT, and has been working with leading  luxury brands as well as for the french and international press. He currently works for various magazines, among which include Vogue, Madame Figaro, Elle, Vanity Fair, New York Observer, In Style... 

His work can be seen in various exhibitions from Paris to New York. He also puts his mark on advertising campaigns. In his own way he has taken part in the renewal of illustration in the image industry. 

Marc-Antoine is now considered as one of the world's leading fashion artists . He has a glamorous, elegant, out-of-time, sometimes quite cheeky style. With a great sense of aesthetics and observation, he captures the instant, with an artistic overview… often with a thick or blurred black line underlining the shape of his subjects, giving his style that unmistakable unique touch that one can instantly identify.

 “L´élégance est un fluide, donc par nature difficile à définir, 

mais elle est faite de vouloir et de savoir, de grâce, de raffinement, de perfection, de distinction”.



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