The Phantom Thread turns to sharpened coloured pencils and graphite. Elena Myasnikova shares all with Patrick Morgan

When did you first get into drawing?
I began to draw consciously at the age of 7, when I went to art school. Before that, I think I also was drawing, unfortunately, no works have saved, but some fragmentary memories remained, including rather strange ones. For example, I remember how I was driving a red brush without paint over the wallpaper, or I remember drawing a butterfly on my knee ...
Why did you choose to make fashion part of your inspiration?
I think it all started with a passion for dress-making. I have completed a course in design and modelling. I sewed for myself and my close ones, quite enthusiastically, and even won a mannequin at one of the dress-making competitions. Then I became more interested in the world of fashion, start watching the shows and photoshoots. Then I began to draw sketches of what I would like to sew, and with all of that I gradually came to fashion illustrations and fashion portraits, without which I cannot imagine my creative life now.
What is your particular working day as a creative?
I work mainly in the evening and at night, at this time I have more energy and inspiration. At first I look through the materials: mostly these are references that were postponed saved for later. Sometimes an idea comes immediately, sometimes idea cherish for several days or more. After deciding on the topic, I start thinking on paper. It may be some kind of indistinct handwriting. Then I make a more detailed sketch. I think over the composition and technical solution: I select materials, paper, etc. Then I do the work in the main format. Sometimes I do several works at once on one topic, then I choose one and finalize it.
What tools do you use when creating your images?
I like to experiment, to mix different materials in my work. As a rule, these are oil pastels, pencils, tempera, acrylic or gouache. If I need to convert my work to digital format, then I photograph it using a Canon EOS 250D or iPad Pro. If the photo needs adjustments, then I use Procreate or Photoshop
Who are what has influenced you over the years as an artist?
My teachers from children's art school, from college and university. Favourite artists: Toulouse Lautrec, Valentin Serov, Alfons Mucha, Erte. And my mother, who was fond of dress-making and thus foster me an interest in fashion.
What advice do you have for younger artists looking to be part of this industry?
I had a little experience working as a teacher in a children's art school.

"I can say that from a young age, each of us has some kind of unique skill: someone has an amazingly fragile line, someone draws with large planes, someone has an impulsive swift stroke, someone uses subtle colour relationships in their work ..."

It does not matter how old the artist is, it is important to see and develop this singularity in order to acquire your own unique style.
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What are you drawing today? Music are you listening to? Books that your are reading? 
Favourite artist/designer at the moment?
Now I start working on a fashion portrait based on the Saint Laurent Spring 2021 collection.This is an amazing photo shoot with extraordinary images, few but bright accessories and creative haircuts.
I listen to music according to my mood, usually while jogging or walking.
I prefer to work in silence or with audiobooks of my favourite authors.

"I enjoy listening to or reading fiction, Russian classics, psychological novels, I am inspired by the biographies of great people from the world of art and fashion."

One of my favourite designers at the moment is Dries Van Noten. He creates inspirational collections. Each time they surprise with a combination of colours and textures. And what amazing accessories are created under his leadership! Like a sculptor, he sculpts his images from various pieces of material.
I follow with curiosity and interest the work of Guillaume Henry, who works for the Patou house. I am impressed by his collections on the one hand with historicity, and on the other hand with lightness and irony. There is always something to catch the eye of the artist: lace collars in the provencal style, playful puffy sleeves, brocade textures, cheerful sailor hats. All of these is close to me.
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