Blakes Boutique Hotel Residency with Fida

Blakes Hotel and Fida, will be offering the winners of this award, selected by a panel of judges, the opportunity to illustrate and draw numerous muses within the different locations of this luxury hotel. 

The work created will be exhibited at one of the Blake's hotel buildings.

The Resident artist will have their work submitted and personally reviewed by Vogue Italia Fashion Editor Roberta Pinna, Chair Patrick Morgan and others. 

Blakes Hotel is a 5-star hotel in London, and considered one of the world's first boutique hotels. It is at 33 Roland Gardens in South Kensington. It was established by London hotelier and designer Anouska Hempel, and contains eclectic artefacts collected by Hempel during her international travels. Known for protecting its clients's privacy from the paparazzi, it often accommodates celebrities. Regular guests have included Princess MargaretSarah Ferguson, Duchess of York; actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Lindsay Lohan; and supermodel Kate Moss.

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