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Interview with Patrick Morgan 
When did you first get into drawing?
I started drawing since I can remember as a child. I remember scribbling dresses and girls on every surface which I got into trouble for a lot. But It only got serious in my college days when I made it a goal to draw better everyday. 
Why did you choose to make fashion part of your inspiration?
I love fashion and glamour. I love how fashion provides freedom in self-expression. I love how fashion and personalities are so intimately connected. I love the depth of fashion being used as a vessel for delivering messages deeper than it’s glamorous shell. Just like illustrations, fashion is the combination of art and skills. Therefore, It’s only natural to incorporate fashion as part of the arts in my skills. 
What is your particular working day as a creative?
A typical work day would be - Breakfast, check and reply emails and socials, zoom meetings if any(I like to schedule my meetings in the morning), check what is lined up for  commissioned work and start sketching or continue drawing from where I left off from the day before (with my favourite shows -Friends/Modern Family or music playing in the background). And it’s all sketching and drawing in between meals. I usually stop drawing after dinner unless I have deadlines to catch. Evenings are for personal projects, Netflix, reading the news and hangout with friends and family to unwind.  
Who are what has influenced you over the years as an artist?
i-pad and Procreate mostly, pencil and paper occasionally.
What advice do you have for younger artists looking to be part of this industry?
I would say David Downton and Rene Gruau sparked my interest in fashion illustrations whereas the biggest influence on my current work would be social issues and the past and present people and fashion.  
What are you drawing today? Music are you listening to? Books that your are reading?
For those who are still finding a ‘style’, work on improving your skills first and the style will come naturally. Just keep drawing and putting your best work out there. Everybody has an audience.   
Favourite artist/designer at the moment?
I am drawing another portrait. Currently, I am listening to everything Jessica Ware’s and 80’s-90’s Madonna. Favourite designers at the moment are John Galliano and Luke and Lucie Meier at Jil Sander. 

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