The Fashion 'ICON' Award
The Fashion 'ICON' Award

The Fashion 'ICON' Award

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The Fashion ICON Award is to illustrate the special people that have changed the face of fashion.
In the fashion world, design would be nothing without their creative directors. With every great fashion moment, there's an iconic designer to thank, and some of the most prolific wardrobe moments in history were the result of a close companionship between designer and muse.

Brand Founders and Designers who have inspired generations, or changed the face of fashion.


This year we have 1 winner per category and then we will have an overall winner of the awards who will win £2000 plus  Membership for 1 year worth £250 and a feature in The Fashion Bible worth £500.

The 3  runner up winners will win £1000 worth of Fida products (Membership for 1 year worth £250 and Feature in The Fida Fashion Illustration Bible Book worth £750) 

DEADLINE: 28th February 2021

Some designer icon names you could draw:

You can use the following techniques:

- Collage

- Animation

- Film

- Drawing/Digital drawing 

- Mixed media/VR

- Painting

Here is the opportunity to show off your skills and have your work seen by the best in the market. Let your work celebrate your ability and skill demonstrating a real knowledge for image making. The judges will be looking for old and new talent, in a market where any age can be creative, this category is perfect for the most ambitious artisan. 

This award will be judged on the following:

The Fashion Moment Award will show a true understanding for contemporary image making and documentary spontaneity.

 After payment you will receive details of what is required. 


Save images as one of the following: Jpg/png/tiff/pdf


Max 300 dpi

Size NO bigger than 10 MGBS 


Examples of Fashion Designers/Directors/Founders: