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Fida x Chapal Fashion Educational Project & Prize

Fida x Chapal Fashion Educational Project & Prize

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This limited edition Fida x Chapal fashion project celebrates the partnership between Fida, a leading education provider, and Chapal, a renowned Paris luxury fashion brand. Showcasing artisan-crafted fashion illustrations, this unique experience offers an educational journey like no other. Get your hands on this one-of-a-kind project today.


Founded as a tannery and a fur maker, Chapal spent the first hundred years of its existence mastering the art of making the most beautiful leathers. Only until then, Chapal started crafting leather garments, with the same dedication to excellence and handicraft. Many connoisseurs worldwide have praised Chapal savoir-faire, including French and US armies, fashion houses, and celebrities.


A leading fashion art and illustration platform, offering unique educational and industry experiences to enhance your artistic commercial practice. 



Racing/ Travel/ Luxury/ Aviation/ Mechanical/ Vintage/ Handcrafted

The artists will create a series of artworks (max 6) for the brand

Main content needed for Artwork:

Chapal logo to be included on artworks - hand painted or added as a graphic.



Selected products from the Chapal website to be used for artwork. Styled on a figure or within a still life scene. 

Time line:

Prize option:

Hand in Date:

Final artwork hand in date: 14th July 2023 11.59pm GMT UK

Project option:

14.07.2023 - Final Hand in of artwork to be reviewed by CEO Chapal

Both Experience and Prize:

WIN £1000 worth of Chapal products

1. Fida and Chapal will share work via instagram accounts: Fidaworldwide/ Chapal Hashtag: fidaxchapalparis

2. Artists to share the images on their social media accounts and use the hashtag: fidaxchapalparis

3. Fida and Chapal can feature the project on their websites . Fidaworldwide /Chapal

4. Live Zoom Talk with Fida and Chapal about the artworks.

5. Exhibit artworks in a virtual exhibition

Project experience closes:

Final artwork hand in date: 14th July 2023 11.59pm GMT UK

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