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Fida Portfolio Mentor Assessment Programme

Fida Portfolio Mentor Assessment Programme

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NEW MEMBERS GET FREE 2 HOUR WORKSHOP - For a limited time, you will receive 1 pre-recorded 2 hour fashion illustration workshop for free, with any of the following purchases: 

Club Membership, Exclusive Membership or Portfolio Mentor Assessment Programme with a membership option included.

After purchase, you will be contacted via email to select your 2 hour workshop. This offer includes products purchased through a payment plan.

Free 2 hour workshops are selected from the options on

Fida is delighted to offer an opportunity for you to show your portfolio to our team.

This Luxury Fashion Illustration online Portfolio Assessment Programme provides knowledge and skills to create remarkable fashion illustrations through fidaworldwide’s portfolio and masterclass. Learn visually-rich design practices and acquire the essential skills to create attractive and unique art.

Over a series of 3 weeks, included a series of 2 x 1 hour sessions live to discuss work and receive feedback, you will send in your illustration portfolio of work and after the first round of feedback, you will then submit a more refined version to then get final comments.

Week1 :

Review portfolio supplied by the creative (via Email)

Week 2:

You will then receive feedback to portfolio and questions. (via Zoom)

Week 3:

Review changes to portfolio with suggested changes taken into consideration. (via Zoom)

Final Portfolio Review. - Dates agreed after purchase

What you need to supply:

A pdf of your work up to 30 pages or a collection of 30 pages of images (photographs or scans).

These could be scans or photographs .

What you will expect to hear back from the Fida team.

1 - layout and design

2 - Quality of drawing

3 - Guidance of areas to develop or improve

4 - What areas are successful and should be developed or pushed further.

5 - Techniques and suggestions on ways to improve your style of drawing.

6 - Answer to a list of questions you will have to be answered. 

7 - A certificate that you were successful on the portfolio course.

Team Fida is a collection of professionals working in the fields of both luxury fashion and design plus academic framework based tutors up to Masters level.

Any other questions please email team Fida

 Dates agreed after purchase

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