Fashion Facades Award

Fashion Facades Award

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The Fashion Facades award is for creating drawings of buildings and interiors, focussing on light, space, architecture, style and period.

You can use the following techniques:

- Collage

- Animation

- Film

- Drawing/Digital drawing 

- Mixed media/VR

- Painting


 This award is perfect for the illustrator who loves to draw on location or from photographs. You could look at the history of buildings and interiors right back through time. Here is the opportunity to show off your skills and have your work seen by the best in the market. Let your work celebrate your ability and skill, demonstrating a real knowledge for drawing. The judges will be looking for old and new talent, in a market where any age can be creative, this category is perfect for the most creative artisan. 


This award will be judged on the following:

originality, style, mood, composition and design. The work can be unpublished or personal or just didn't get noticed yet. 

Fashion Facade illustration and Drawing decodes the space or shares to the world what the interior or building is trying to convey to its audience. 

After payment you will receive details of what is required. 

Save images as one of the following: Jpg/png/tiff/pdf


Max 150dpi

Size NO bigger than 5 MGBS 

Examples of Fashion Facades: