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Beauty Award - Early Bird pricing Ends Last day of the month

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The Beauty Award is for all levels of fashion illustrators/artists using all modes of image making.

You can use any of the following mixed media techniques:

- Water colour

- Pencil drawing/ Colour Pencil/ Markers/ Rubbing/ Paint/ Canvas/ Paper

- Printmaking/ Screen Printing/ Litho/ Etching 

- Pen & Ink

- Acrylic/Oil etc...

Photo Collage

- Spray

- Relief

- Computers 

- Photocopiers/scanners

Student ID required*  for student applications - Email a copy with your submission


Beauty is in some ways a form of pleasure. For those of you that love pampering and treating yourselves, experimenting with makeup, hair, and fashion, you’ve probably noticed that your mood and the way you feel about yourself can be elevated simply by applying makeup on your face, styling your hair, and dressing in a sexy outfit.

Where beauty focuses more on your visual perception of your overall appearance, fashion is the perfect match to compliment your looks by handpicking the right clothing, footwear, and accessories. In Beauty, accessories can ramp up your style and give you a totally different look.

Fashion Beauty  is your distinctive, signature look. It’s your own personal style.

This award will be judged on the following:

Originality, style, mood, composition and design. The work can be commissioned, published, unpublished or a personal project. 

After payment, you will receive an email with details of the requirements and instructions for entering your images. Please provide us with a valid email address when purchasing.

Students applications must have ID attached to entries. 


There are 4 award categories this year:

Portrait. Beauty. Still Life. Multidisciplinary 

This year, we will be selecting 1 extra winner under each category, from the student applications.

The 4 category award winners and 4 student winners will each receive prizes worth over £1000:

• 1 year of Fida membership 
• a feature in next years’ Fible

Of the 4 category winners and 4 student winners, 1 artist will go forward to become the overall winner and will receive an additional prize of £2000 cash.

DEADLINE: 28th October 2022. 11.59 US EST.


Save images as Jpg or png




Artwork can be any dimensions, but maximum file size you can send is 5 MB.


Fida will notify:

  • Long listed artists on 04.11.2022 1pm US EST
  • Short listed artists on 11.11.2022 1pm US EST
  • Winning artists on 17.11.2021 1pm US EST

    This product is non-refundable. 


    The application and notification process for the awards are as follows:

      • Once you have purchased an entry into the awards, you will be sent instructions explaining how to format and send image(s).
      • Once Fida receives your images, you will be emailed, to confirm receipt of the image(s).
      • In order that all artists can be notified at the same time, both the Longlist and Shortlist will initially be announced on the Fida website: Dates and times will be provided on the website and instagram, once agreed.
      • The Longlist and Shortlist will also, at a later date, be announced on Fida worldwide’s Instagram account.
      • The finalists and winners will be announced during a virtual event on @fidaworldwide Instagram Live. Dates and times of the live announcement will be provided on the website and on instagram, once agreed, so please make sure you follow us to receive this information (@fidaworldwide). 
      • Winners and finalists will also be added to the website, in due course, after the Live Instagram announcement.
      • You will NOT be emailed individually with results. If your name is not shown on the website, you have NOT been selected.
      • Due to the number of entries we receive, and the fact that we secure industry professionals to judge our awards, it is not possible to give individual feedback to each applicant.